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The Watering Hole


Additional information

This painting is hanging at La Magie (473 E Hood AveSisters, OR 97759 Phone number (541) 549-6562). “Watering Hole” came to me in a dream. I woke up wanting to paint something full of energy and it needed to be really big, with the 3 layers arranged so the very colorful part was in the middle. The dream was mostly about the composition of the powerful horses being part of the earth they ran on and the feel of rushing water, the fear as you stand on the brink, but when you dive in, it’s so rewarding. It is very meaningful to me, personally. That’s the feeling I get when I’m painting on a new canvas, the nerves and then exhilaration. Each panel is exactly my width and my height, after framing it measures about 6’x7′. There are five horses – five is my favorite number. It has mountains in it and a river representing the fresh-cold-clear-delicious water we enjoy here in Deschutes County. Many layers of paint create the texture and multitude of colors. It was painted with a very large brush. I hope you enjoy the energy I share in this painting.

Dimensions 84 × 72 in